R3 International Lyme Disease Stem Cell Therapy Program in Mexico

  • Safe and Effective Therapy for Lyme Disease
  • Convenient - 20 minutes from San Diego Airport
  • Full Program Starts at $8975 All Inclusive for 90 million stem cells.
  • Stem Cell and Exosome Biologics exceed FDA quality standards.
  • Expert Regenerative Doctors.
  • R3 is aTrusted and Reputable Company. A+ BBB rated.

The R3 Lyme Disease Stem Cell Therapy Program includes VIP escort transportation over the US- Mexico border (and back) and stem cell treatments that are less than half what individuals pay in the US for more than double the stem cell counts!

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Qualified Patients for R3's Lyme disease Stem Cell Therapy Program Receive:

  • VIP Escort Transportation from San Diego Airport (only 20 minutes!)
  • Hotel is included.
  • Biologics that exceed FDA quality assurance standards in the US with a 6 year perfect safety record.
  • Umbilical cord derived stem cells from consenting donors.
  • 90 million to 200 million live mesenchymal stem cells total.

“Dr Ramon and Abril took excellent care of us on every detail. Excellent people and excellent delivery of the whole experience. We felt great personal care in every aspect of our visit.”

John S, California

The Stem Cell Therapy Lyme disease Program has TWO Options:


  • 5 Day Stay for Lyme Treatment
  • $8975 (90 million stem cells total)
  • $10,975 (150 million stem cells total).


  • 4 visits over a year.
  • $10,475 (120 million total stem cells)
  • $13, 975 (200 million total stem cells)
Stem Cell Lyme Disease

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